Infographics & Guides

The need to spread information visually has become even greater in the age of social media. At Stony Brook, I used Photoshop to create social media infographics, which consistently received the most engagement on our platforms. I also used Photoshop, InDesign, Uberflip and zmags to create virtual guides.

Stony Brook Women’s Lacrosse 2014 Virtual Guide
Highlighted the university, athletics department and women’s lacrosse team. Served as resource to the media and coaching staff during recruitment process. 


Used to promote an upcoming women’s lacrosse game and highlight player and team accomplishments.


Part of a month-long web and social media promotional countdown leading up to the 2014-15 basketball season that included stories, player appearances and social media engagement. Fans had to guess the player’s baby photo for a chance to win a prize. The answer was revealed on #ThrowbackThursday. 


Called attention to one of the major storylines of the 2014 women’s lacrosse season: Stony Brook’s stellar freshman class.